What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy help support you in dealing with a variety of problems you may be facing whether they are to do with relationships, family, work or illness. Such situations can make you feel isolated. You may also be feeling anxious, lonely or depressed without knowing the cause which can lead to feelings of worthlessness.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can support you by providing a safe and non-judgemental space in which to explore your issues. The process of being listened to and finding your voice in an empathic environment can lead to real healing.

I attempt to be alongside my clients as much as possible and I draw on humanistic schools of thought in order to help people deal with their problems in the here and now. My approach also incorporates psychodynamic thinking and in longer therapies I explore how the past can influence peoples' behaviours. Therapy,as well as offering help with specific issues, often helps people to make major changes in their lives allowing them to feel happier and more satisfied with themselves.

What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Generally speaking Counselling is shorter term and sometimes focuses on particular issues whereas Psychotherapy usually lasts longer and is more open-ended. What sort of therapy is most likely to suit a person is usually discussed in an initial exploratory meeting.

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