Qualifications, Experience and Interests

I started my career as a teacher and later went on to become a Human Resources adviser for businesses( CIPD qualified). I was involved in the day to day handling of staff issues and facilitated groups for training.During this time I also gained experience as a workplace counsellor which triggered my interest in counselling as a career. I decided to train at BCPC( Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling)

My training at BCPC included placements at a Counselling agency as well as working at a mental health partnership.For the past eight years I have had my own private practice in Bath where I have seen clients presenting a broad range of issues.

Special interests include the relationship between emotional and physical illness and I work with women on specific health issues. I am also interested in working with groups in specific areas including stress management.

I now hold an M.A.in Integrated Psychotherapy( M.A. Dip)
I adhere to the BCPC Code of Ethics and Practice and I am in regular professional supervision.


My style depends on whether I am offering short or long-term therapy.In both cases however I attach great importance to creating mutual trust and respect.
I focus on immediate presenting problems working towards short-term goals or solutions.I use 'CBT' and stress management techniques when appropriate.
For some people a longer-term exploration of issues is required to effect the changes they want to make to their lives. My aim is to enable people to understand their behaviours so that they can effect change. This can often lead to them experiencing more personal satisfaction and greater self-worth.
I focus on developing a strong therapeutic alliance which allows in-depth exploration of issues.My training allows me to combine theories from humanistic and psychodynamic schools of thinking. Humanistic principles influence how I work with people in the present whilst psychodynamic theories enable me to link the past with the present so that underlying issues can be explored.


I have a love of reading and singing.


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